The Dandies : A short story

The Dandies – Bootstraps:

In the various emails i get from bands looking to have their music featured there are always a few that make me chuckle and take notice. The Dandies were one of these with there exceptionally long heeeeeeeeeeey and excessive use of superlatives, anyway there music is pretty damn good and the chorus from Bootstraps has been in my head on and off over the last few days so here they are, oh and they also wrote me a cool little short-story about the bands history!

“When The Dandies formed they were a bunch of young dudes who didn’t really even know what the hell they were doing with their instruments. Once they knew how to get by they’d start covering songs by the likes of Kings of Leon, The Libertines and The Strokes. Quickly getting bored with covering songs they moved to writing their own material. Yes, that first batch of songs wasn’t much better than their skills.

A moment of epiphany came when their to-be manager, Antony Meola, saw their potential. The lazy boys became hard working men. The Dandies were formed by brothers Adrian and Eric Weber, sons of an American mother and Swiss father, and their good friend, drummer Fabian Voirol. One thing The Dandies have seen come and go were bass players. But the core of Adrian, Eric and Fabian has always been there.

The hard working men became workaholics after their sessions with Producer Chris Frenchie Smith. Smith quickly became more than just a producer. He also filled to position of mentor, big brother and great friend.
From then things started looking up for The Dandies. In 2010 The Dandies have played SXSW in Texas, Repperbahn Festival in Hamburg as well as getting a very warm welcome in London with three club shows. Also having supported bands such as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Sixteen Deluxe, Band Of Skulls and Children Collide, The Dandies have become a powerful, loud and energetic live band.
What’s next for The Dandies? They hope to keep going in the direction they are going now and get better and better. They’re having the times of their lives and don’t want it to end, in the contrary, they want to take the next big step!”

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