Body Language, Vacationer and the inevitable rise of ‘Nu Hula’

Vacationer stepped into the light in big style yesterday with their sunshine friendly ‘Trip’ , currently headlining my under construction summer playlist it left me wanting more of this smooth brew of rainforest sounds and headily light synth. Luckily although ‘Trip’ is their first ever song i wasn’t left wanting, for far from being a brand new buzz-band perched on the edge of a blog-provided waterfall of hype Vacationer are the side-project of ‘Body Language’ the finest purveyor of laid back sounds this side of 2010. Below is the tweet from Body Language yesterday that launched the project and the brilliantly named ‘nu hula’ sound:

“vacationer has seen the light of day. FREE MP3. here’s a nu side project .. step into some nu hula ..

So if you like what you heard from Vacationer have a rifle through ‘Body Languages’ back catalogue below:

“You Can” (Mp3)

“Social Studies” (Mp3)


Falling Out:

New Day: 

Huffy Ten Speed:


p.s. Just in case you haven’t caught it yet, here’s the Mp3 for Trip (Mediafire)


2 thoughts on “Body Language, Vacationer and the inevitable rise of ‘Nu Hula’

  1. Wow thanks! Tempoture is really good. The mp3 links don’t seem to be working for me, but Body Language seem brilliant!

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