Jonquil – Talk Tuvan throat singing, Jazzy Jeff and new Lp’s :

Jonquil are an Oxford based band who first got us exited with the eclectic sound of their brilliant ‘One Hundred Suns’ Ep, they were kind enough to chat to us about how they started, their influences and upcoming Lp’s :

Hey Jonquil, first things first what’s the story of the band how/when did you all get together?

Well Jonquil has been through a few reincarnations since it started. The original line up was pretty much Hugo in his bedroom surrounded by instruments but it soon  fleshed out, since then we’ve  swelled to six of us before now becoming a more slimline four piece. We all met through school or playing music around oxford except for Dom our drummer. He used to play for a great band from Birmingham we used to tour with and when we lost the original drummer he kindly stepped up to provide us with some driving beats. We’ve been together for about four years now with a few changes in personnel.

You’re a band who seem to refuse to pin your sound down to any one genre, do you feel you’ve now found your slot with One Hundred Suns or are further musical twists afoot?

We don’t feel like we’ve ever been looking for a slot, we’ve never really settled genre wise but it’s always felt like a natural progession when our sound has changed.  One Hundred Suns was us stretching our legs into having fun and playing louder, from here the aim is to keep a lot of the vibe on that record but trying to create something a little more cohesive. But if we start coming up with things we like we won’t stop ourselves.  Or maybe thats just us trying to throw you off the scent and we’ve been playing around with Tuvan throat singing and kazoos.

(More Jonquil goodness after the jump)

First Lp ‘Lions’ met with an overwhelmingly positive response, as has the latest Ep ‘One Hundred Suns’, are there now plans for a second full length?

Yes! absolutely!  Were working really hard at the moment putting together an album. People have  been very kind to us  on the whole with the way they have responded to our music, which is great because when you’ve got your head down  working on new material  it’s easy to lose track of what people might think outside of the group. Fingers crossed people are going to enjoy whatever we have to offer next.

Who are you’re biggest musical influences?

Queen, Paul Simon, The Smiths, Neil Young, Ali Farka Toure, and whatever tickles our fancy on a given day.

We’re on track for what the Met office has optimistically labeled a barbecue summer, so in the spirit of things what’s your favorite summer song?

Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff  – ‘Sumertime’ If theres a better song to cruise to in the summer i haven’t heard it.

The Oxford music scene really seems to have got a lot of attention recently, How far do you feel the city and it’s scene have shaped the music you make and are there any bands you think we should keep an ear out for?

Oxford’s been great to us. The music scene is very supportive, I guess it’s helped shape us in a few ways. We have so many talented friends making music that they can really help to give you the confidence to keep doing what your doing and also  exposing you to new sounds and ideas. And as for Oxford itself, growing up there has probably meant we were never likely to turn out like mega death. As for musical tips from the city, keep your ears peeled for Trophy Wife. It’s great stuff.

Cheers for all your help, last of all what are your plans for the second half of 2011?

Go over to America, release a new album, have a party and play as many shows as we can. Cheers.

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