Little Green Cars – Talk Dublin, Origins and Debussy


About a month ago Little Green Cars blew us away with their heartfelt, rabble rousing sounds so we were chuffed when the guys agreed to answer a few questions for the site. Check out debut single ‘The John Wayne’ below and be sure to keep an eye out for these Dubliners (ideally in the handy Band Stalk tab) because that debut Lp promises to be a blinder:

Hey Little Green Cars, starting with the basics, who are you and how did you get together?

We’re a 5 – Piece from Dublin, all 19 years old. We all met through school and through friends of friends, and we’ve been going for 3 years now.

For a debut single The John Wayne’s hugely impressive and has been getting you a lot of attention, did you expect it to go down quite so well?

We’ve been very lucky to have had the opportunity to put out our music. It’s been very exciting, and we’re looking forward to the next release.

How does the creative process within the band work? Is there one of you who does the writing or is it a collaborative effort?

It varies from song to song but generally it’s a collaborative effort.

Now the Ep’s out, and there are a few more songs floating around the net, do you have your sights set on a full length?

Yeah we hope to get started really soon. Sice we formed we’ve always been thinking about it.

Who are the biggest influences in terms of your sound and approach to crafting songs?

We have a broad scope of influences. It ranges from Debussy to Dre.

How have you found Dublin as musicians, is there a good scene for new bands, and are there any other upcoming acts you think we should look out for?

Yeah Dublin’s a great place to showcase new music, everywhere you look there’s a gig on or music playing from open windows.

Cheers for all your help, last of all, what are your plans for the tail end of 2011?

We’d love to get started on an album as soon as possible! And maybe play a few gigs along the way…..

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