Childhood – Talk Nostalgia, Palavers and Blowing Their Student Loans

Blue Velvet:

Here at SSN we like to get the dirt for you on all our favorite upcoming artists, asking those big hitting questions you’ve been lying awake at night pondering. This week we have Nottingham students Childhood in  an interview thats been in the pipeline for quite some time (we’re assured its all the hard-work, essays and rigorous academic discipline that’s to blame…) Enjoy:

Hey Childhood, first things first what’s the story of the band how/when did you all get together?

HELLO! Childhood began in summer of 2010, when I met Ben in the first year of uni. We bonded over our similar musical tastes and he convinced me to pick up my dusty guitar and attempt to write some tunes. After our earliest demos generated some hype on the Internet we realised that we should make a go of this whole being in a band palaver. We recruited our friends, a bassist and drummer, and played our first gig by Christmas which was quite a daunting experience for me as until then i had never graced a stage with my presence.

Why ‘Childhood’? 

It was a drunken idea that somehow materialised. We loved the concept of being in a band called childhood. We are rather nostalgic lads so the word has a strong resonance for us

Who are your biggest musical influences?

Recently we have been listening to The Wake and Felt alot, as well as heavy doses of Deerhunter. When we first got together it was emerging bands like Smith Westerns and Real Estate that made us want to make music, not so much to sound like them, but to write music that sounded carefree with a heavy focus on catchy melody. I’m sure there are hundreds of artists/bands that have influenced our sound, but never consciously.

Are you a band who enjoy performing live or are you more interested in writing new tracks and putting out records? 

We enjoy both aspects very much, and see them as two separate pursuits. Our live sound is quite different to the demos we have recorded on laptops, I like to think its a bigger sound. We are still trying to find the best sound for our live show, mainly by blowing our loans on indulgent pedals. The focus now is to change our setlist up with some new songs, and get something out there in physical form.

There are a few bands around right now who seem to be pinning their identity down into scenes (e.g. Trophy Wife and their involvement with Blessing Force) do you guys feel part of any scene or are you lone wolves? 

We have found ourselves playing a few shows with bands like Weird Dreams and Gross Magic, who we like very much, but we do not feel we are part of any scene as of yet. I think this is because most of the time we are away from London as we go to university in Nottingham, so we are constantly flitting between the two. Also we have only played about 13 gigs so far. It’s early days!

As up-and-comers yourselves are there any other emerging bands you feel we should be keeping an eye on?

My internet is completely fucked so I have not been able to keep tabs on emerging bands recently, which used to be one of my biggest hobbies. I’m expecting big things from Outer Limits Recordings if he reappears from misty obscurity anytime soon. Also i should probably plug our good friend ONLY REAL here. He has got some big tunes up his sleeve at the moment.

 Cheers for all your help, last of all what are your plans for the rest of 2011 and on into the new year? 

New tunes, a handful of gigs, and a release in the first couple of months of the new year. I’m supposed to be working on a revolutionary childhood t shirt as well. STAY TUNED!!!!!

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