Fantasy Island – Avenue

Wafting into our headphones like the soundtrack to some ‘straight from the future’, vaguely chillwave and decidedly low-budget children’s Tv show Fantasy Island’s ‘Avenue’ is a tiiiiiny bit “different”. Which we here at SSN have huge respect for. Any song that drops references to Thomas The Tank Engine has a place on our winter playlist.


2 thoughts on “Fantasy Island – Avenue

    1. Theres just something about the instrumental that reminds me of it. Loose, Upbeat and vaguely Nostalgic, like the theme to TTTE. Don’t get me wrong though i’m not saying the songs childish or basic in any way. Its a tune but at the ’34 mark it could easily drop into some Thomas… Maybe not the most clear-cut musical reference but hey, better than comparing it to Washed Out i guess.

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