TRAAMS – Talk Aviation, Humanism and Huddersfield

Hey TRAAMS, first things first what’s the story behind the band?

Stu and Adam started as a two piece. Leigh joined when he had to move back from Huddersfield because he kept getting robbed.

What are your musical influences and how have you gone about creating your vibe?

We’re well into American alt + punk, 70’s kraut, English indie pop. Steve Malkmus, Lee Ranaldo, Bill Callahan, Nick Cave, Eno, Jans Liebezeit, Henry Rollins and Klaus Dinger.

Is there anything unusual that influences the music?

Tarkus, Humanism, dawgs, polygraphs, stag do’s, yates

What’s the day-job?

Adam and Stu work in a rad shoes store, Leigh works in a record shop

Do you prefer being in the recording studio or playing live?

Both are rad. working with Rory (Atwell ex member of Test Icicles) is really fun, like being on holiday. playing live is always awesome though.

Worst live moment?

Brighton supporting Le Femme, Adam kept blaming Leigh for starting the song wrong when it was him. Leigh looked well peeved. had to abort the song. Looked like dicks haha.

Tell us something we don’t know?

Adam can fly planes.

What’s your favorite release of 2012 so far?

Adam : Death Grips – money store & the new Wyclef single
Stu : GRIMES – visions , The Men – Open Your Heart & Swim Deep – King City.
Leigh : Field Music- Plumb,  theesatisfaction – awe natural, Wiley – Evolve Or Be Extinct

What one song would you add to our summer playlist?

Flamingods – Sun

What can we expect from TRAAMS in the next few months?

More shows, some videos and a new EP we’ve just recorded.

TRAAMS play The Old Queen’s Head tomorrow and The Betsy Trotswood on the 22nd. Worth a trip to see.

One thought on “TRAAMS – Talk Aviation, Humanism and Huddersfield

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