Deafkid Interview – “Grooves can come from the strangest places, like train tracks”

Hey Deafkid, first things first what’s the story behind the band?

– We’ve been the live and recording band for Ghostpoet for just shy of three years now. We started Deafkid during the hours of downtime between touring.

What’s the day-job?

– Day jobs….hmmm….well Chris is just finishing his degree, Flo is self employed as a graphic artist. All this alongside the numerous Ghostpoet shows.

What are your musical influences and how have you gone about creating your sound?                         

– Influences are a difficult thing. We have a lot of shared influences but differ on others. Chris listens to a lot of instrumental, fusion, experimental and progressive, Flo tends to prefer electronic and experimental pop. Deafkid is a bit of a mixing pot. We try not to reject any ideas, however outlandish. We’re both hugely influenced by production techniques and sounds.

Is there anything unusual that influences you?

– Rhythmically speaking definitely. Grooves can come from the strangest places, like train tracks. We’re both very visual and sometimes music comes from something we’ve seen. For live shows we work with a visual artist, Emile Sacré, and sometimes we respond musically to something he’s created.

Back to the first part of that I noticed on ‘Talk’ there seems to be a pack of cards being flicked through as rhythm. Which I thought was a really nice little quirk. Where does the thought behind including something like that (which fits brilliantly on the track) come from?                                                                                                     

– We both love nature sounds. So that element of the beat was a mixture between wood blocks being hit and people walking on branches for the cracking, or “flicking” sounds. We just felt it created something a bit tactile in the song. We’re always experimenting, like in our trailer on youtube the percussive sounds at the end are from hitting a frying pan with a little water in it whilst swirling it around, combined with dropping screws on the floor.

Do you prefer being in the recording studio or playing live?

– They’re entirely different animals, and need to be respected. We always feel the live show should offer something else than just the record, but with a record you get to take chances, to pull off the super human!

Any bad live moments?

– Still early days for Deafkid in the live arena, but a few with Ghostpoet. Mainly due to tiredness, i.e. memory lapses, forgetting to change a patch or trigger something. Occasionally though a bad moment creates a brilliant one as you try to untangle your mess!

Tell us something we don’t know:
– Every 10 days a deep sea submersible spends exploring the depths, an entirely new species is discovered.
According to Genesis 1:20-22 the chicken came before the egg

What’s your favorite release of 2012 so far?
– Flo – Dreams Come True by Cant, (bass player of Grizzly Bear.)
Chris – Numbers 1-13 by Three Trapped Tigers.

What can we expect from Deafkid in the next few months?

– Everything is so wonderfully unpredictable. With Ghostpoet no one could have predicted the level of success the album would achieve and it happened so fast! So maybe nothing or maybe world domination. At the moment we’re really enjoying being creative and the response from those listening has been amazing. But definitely expect more music

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