Caliban’s Dream – Underworld (London 2012 Opening Ceremony Song)

What better way to get in the games spirit than with the release of the song Alex Trimble (Two Door Cinema Club) sang last night at the opening ceremony. Surprisingly good. That whistled melody over the steel drums/tubular bells properly gave me goosebumps last night.

Let me know what you thought of the ceremony (especially the music), genuinely interested to hear! Especially from any reader’s abroad.

9 thoughts on “Caliban’s Dream – Underworld (London 2012 Opening Ceremony Song)

  1. Completely agree! I have never ever really bigged up the Olympics but watching that Ceremony really moved me. The whistling and the song and some really iconic shots (the one of the guy in the goggles and mask looking up as the olympic rings were forged in mid air) The drums, the future running with the torch and this song. I was very moved, really struggled not to cry with a mixture of happiness and sadness.

  2. Haven’t heard anything about a vinyl version, It’s possible I guess with danny boyle in charge but sadly what with cost of production etc it seems unlikely. Crossing fingers!

    1. Thanks for reply. i really home so. A “physical” version is available from August 6. But that may mean CD only. Fingers Crossed – likewise

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