As Elephants Are – [S//S//N Introducing]

Hey As Elephants Are, what’s the story behind the band?

It all started with a college project where Ben (Vocals) and Harry (Bass) had to record a band. Me and Harry had a couple of basic songs written and got together with our old school friends Joe (Guitars) and Rob (Drums) to record those songs. People started to dig so we thought we may as well give it a go. Our highlight as a band so far has been playing ‘Beach Break Live’ with acts such as ‘The Maccabees’, ‘Dry the River’ and ‘Friendly Fires’, it was a truly incredible feeling.

Where do you hail from?

We all live pretty close to each other in Buckinghamshire, England. The music scene here is pretty dead so we try to get out of it as much as possible.

  Yeah it’s not exactly renowned for being a incubator for new talent, are you now heading towards London or Oxford?

Not either of them really, we don’t ever aim at specific places to play, we just love to play and we play wherever we think will benefit us.

What are your (musical) influences and how have you gone about creating your sound?

When we were growing up we listened to a lot of ‘Nirvana’. As we got older we broadened our tastes to bands such as ‘Arcade Fire’, ‘The National’ and ‘The Cure’. When we are writing we try and keep an open mind and stay away from a lot of music so we can let our natural sound show.

 Is that sound something you knew you wanted/were aiming for before you started recording, or is it one thats developed as you’ve played?

Finding our sound has always been a gradual progression, I would not say we are anywhere near what we think we’re capable of, but the progression we have made so far is a big step towards what we want to achieve.

What’s the day-job?

2 of us are at university studying Film and Music Technology, 1 is at college and 1 is currently unemployed – being a sucka.

 Do you prefer being in the recording studio or playing live?

For us, being in the recording studio really helps mould and complete our sound. There is no nicer feeling than hearing our creations come to life and we luckily have an amazing producer called Sam Winfield (Studio 91) who really understands us as a band. Also, playing live for us really makes the hard work worthwhile, seeing people enjoying themselves to something you have made is an incredible feeling. It’s there where you can get an idea of what the songs actually mean to people, so we enjoy them both equally for different reasons.

 Any terrible live experiences yet?

Yes, a few…

 What’s your favorite release of 2012?

 ‘Given to the Wild’ by ‘The Maccabees’ is our favorite album of the year so far; it’s got such a warm and full sound to it which we think is dope. Our favorite single is ‘Follow Baby’ by ‘Peace’, they seem to have jumped out from nowhere with such a huge first single.

 What can we expect from you this summer?

 Our first official single comes out on 6th August with ‘Once Upon A Time Singles Club’ called ‘War Cry’. Following that we will be playing a few more shows and festivals such as ‘Southsea Fest’ with ‘Clock Opera’, ‘Peace’, ‘Tall Ships’ and ‘Hey Sholay’. We might release another single but we are not too sure yet, we will just see where things take us following this one. We are not planning an album release anytime soon as we do not want to rush into anything when we feel like we are progressing so much all the time as a band and our first full length is very important to us.


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