Childhood – Haltija [Track of The Week]

It’s not every week that our track of the week is the very first tune we post on Monday morning but with a new one from Childhood it was practically a given. They’ve been one of my favorite bands for nearly as long as I’ve been editing S//S//N and never fail to amaze with the quality of each new track they blast out.

Haltija, which was released through their facebook this morning, continues the woozy stoner vibes of ‘Mount Chilliad’ and ‘Just Floating’ but pushes the vocals further back into the slowly spiraling haze of ecstasy-drenched guitar that’s become the band’s calling-card. There’s an unquantifiable laid-back easiness that permeates ‘Haltija’ a reference (perhaps) to the Finnish guardian spirit from which the song took it’s name.

Childhood really are one of indies best kept secrets but, with tracks this vivacious bubbling out of their every pore, it can’t be too long before these hard-working Nottingham slackers start stepping out onto bigger stages. Get to know them before they do.

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