ABADABAD – All The Bros Say

After a year of waiting we finally have a new ABADABAD track to wrap our ears around, a lilting guitar led ballad crafted around a traditional waltzing rhythm and made-perfect by lead singer Jeremy Lee’s weather-worn vocals it’s probably not what you were expecting from a song called All The Bro’s Say. But then ABADABAD aren’t ones to fit neatly into pigeon holes. Named after the Pakistani town Abottabad, which Lee saw on a news Bulletin and promptly forgot how to spell, they’re based out of Brooklyn and are firmly proving themselves as a buzz-band that really deserve the buzz.

You can hear more of their tracks over at Soundcloud. Their debut Ep The Wild drops on September 11th (Perhaps apt considering the news bulletin from which their name was born was one announcing the death of Bin Laden…)


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