Jaws – Talk B-town, Cats and Carly Rae Jepson

[We caught up with B-town bandits Jaws last night and had (facebook) chatzzz about music etc…]

Hey good time for some q’s?

Connor: Hey! Yeah sure thing

Ok rad, For starters, tell us about how you guys got together/when?

Connor: Well, about 6 months about go I put a demo on the internet and it got a quite a good reception so I thought let’s get a band together. I asked some mates from Halesowen college and before we knew it we we’re ready to rock.

Sweet, so it’s all been kicking off pretty quickly?

 Connor: Yeah really fast, really didn’t expect it to blow up at all…

There seems to be a lot of surfer/stoner references in the song titles/band name cats sharks and all that kind of jazz, is that an aesthetic you were aiming for?

Connor: Yeah I guess, I mean who doesn’t want to be enjoying the sun with a babe or a cat?!?!?!?!

True story, cats/sun and babes are the dream. We had some guy commenting the other day (when we first posted about you) complaining basically about how Birmingham wasn’t even close to a beach, is the inner city beach bum vibe possible/any response?

Connor: Well that guy sucks and needs to take a chill pill, we only write these songs so we can get money and afford to get away from bham and go to the beach.

Fair, plus in the uk you’re never further than 70 miles from a beach so it may as well be B-town on sea…

Connor: Exactly! But now train fairs are on the rise, getting to the beach is becoming ever more impossible by the day.

Toucan Surf is the first i guess proper single you’ve done, does that mean you’re now all signed up?

Connor: Noooooo , we wish!

Oh thought you were,  so how did that release come about?

Connor: Well it’d been a few months since we put the demo out and we felt it was the right time to put something new out, so we got in the studio and smashed out some new tunes!

Rad, so does that mean there are some other new ones floating about?

Connor: We have the B side for Toucan called “Donut”, which you can pre-order with Toucan we’ll probably put it online on the 27th of august [single release date]

Ah cool. You’ve been introduced by NME as part of the B-town scene is that something you feel is a real thing? Beyond geographically?

Connor: I guess it’s more of a thing now than it was before. There’s quite a lot of new bands starting up and coming out now the spotlight is on our city.

Ok so is there a certain group you hang out / play with or do you feel it’s more of a fabrication/way to pigeon hole the city’s scene by NME?

Connor: Erm I suppose it’s a bit of a pigeon hole but we all know each other (peace, swim deep, heavy waves etc) and we all get along.

Oh ok so you only meet the guys recently? Or was this all from before B-town blew-up?

Connor: Yeah, Peace and Swim Deep played at my birthday last year which is my current claim to fame…

That’s defiantly better than the local Dj blasting Carly rae Jepson.

Connor: Call Me Maybe is a tune!

It really is. Are there any new bands coming up into the scene we should keep an eye on?

Connor: A new band called Caves just dropped some tunes on Soundcloud and a band called Heavy Waves are dropping an EP soon!

Nice will check them out asap. Few classic questions I realised I missed and then I think we’re square:

What/who are your influences and what are your plans for the rest of 2k12?

Connor: Ermm, we’re drinking a lot of Pepsi right now so I think you’ll definitely hear that in some of our new songs. I guess musical influences come from all genres right across the board. Me, Eddy and Jake are all drummers and we’ve been in all sorts of bands from punk to metal. I’m a massive blink 182 fan where as our guitarist is a massive foals fan.

Nice, have you heard of FIDLAR?

Connor: I have, I think I heard them on the radio once and they really grabbed my attention, I need to give them a proper listen

Bit of a side note but I’m trying to tell everyone I know about them right now, been soundtracking my summer daze, anyway cheers for answering all that! Enjoy Wednesday

Connor: No problem at all! You too! Wednesday is always usually a great day!

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