Cymbals – Like An Animal ∆ Class of “13 ∆

One of my all time favorite bands, and just about the only new group I have the entire vinyl back-catalog of, CYMBALS are just about to release a brand new track. It was previewed on XFM last night and we managed to get our hands on a copy of the rip. The proper version is getting released to Soundcloud tonight so this will be updated to the full version then.

It’s probably my favorite of their tracks to date. A massive grooving bassline tied up with their trademark discordantly chiming guitars and yelping vocals it’s absolutely brilliant. One of my favorites of the year so far and possibly just what they need to break through.

Update: Upon listening to this for the 100th time this week we decided it’s probably be wise to add these talented Londoners to our class of 13″ rota. 13 bands we think will, or at least should, blow up in the new year.

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