Hype Roundup – [27/08-2/09/2012]

Have you been horribly out of touch with this weeks musical-hype? Busying yourself with issues that actually matter? Well here’s a brief recap of what’s been going on. This weeks added bonus is a photo of a Steel Drum lesson from the 90’s. You’re welcome.

A$AP Rocky Did Something Else:

Hype-magnet rapper of the year A$AP Rocky, and his A$AP Mob “crew”, finally dropped their mixtape. Titled Lord$ Never Worry it’s a collection of buzz-worthy rap and R&B. No surprises there.

Calvin Harris’ new Florence & The Machine Collaboration Leaked:

Dancefloor filler Calvin Harris collaborated with Florence Welch. It got played on the radio and now we have a rip. This got some people very exited. It’s called Sweet Nothing and you’re probably going to hear it a lot in the near-future. Sorry to be the bearer of bad vibes. UPDATE: This song is firmly stuck between my ears, avoid me for the next few days because I will be blasting it. Apologies in advance.

Two Door Cinema Club streamed Beacon:

Until two minutes ago I’d resisted streaming Two Door Cinema Club’s new one. I may have just clicked play on the first track. I think it could be the only thing able to purge Cavlin Harris/Flo’s new one from my mind. The first track sounds like Owl City going through an existential crisis. Not happy.

Jamie XX is Building an Instrument:

Jamie Sims has recently announced he’s making an instrument. Although according to the observer he’s going for the Minority Report vibe with a touch screen, see through tablet. Sounds legit.

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