Blacks& – The Race Is On [New Band of The Week]

It’s my way, or the highway. Or the freeway. It’s up to you babe

Subverting expectation is one of those things that’s simple when done well but pretty near impossible to pull off. Black&, a band from deepest darkest LA, manage it effortlessly. Objectively this is pop at it’s glossiest. The super-deluxe hardback edition of traditional indie. The polar opposite of the B-town scene. But somehow, despite the hyper-polished exterior, The Race Is On strolls out of the blocks with the sort of confidence that allows it to explore some pretty discordant ideas. Beneath the breezy melodies and buffed LA production sits a peculiar beast comprised of Pet Sounds harmonies and a popping metronomic percussion that creeps along just within earshot. It sounds effortless but it’s pretty clear that every thing’s been refined to within an inch of perfection. They may not have the immediate buzz-factor of a scuzzy, snarling three piece straight out of B-town but they’re pretty great all the same.

You can stream the rest of the Ep here.


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