NZCA / LINES – Airlock [Track of The Week]

It’s barely been 6 months since Micheal Lovett released his debut as NZCA/LINES and we’ve already got details of the follow-up. Penciled for release in early 2013 the yet untitled record is a bit of a mystery. At least it was until this afternoon when we got the first taster. Airlock, true to form, meshes electronic sensibilities with an intensely intimate vocal line that continues the theme of human interaction and insignificance beside the industrial complex and the vastness of space which he explored in his eponymous debut. Indeed the title of the song emphasises this theme with the airlock, a means to protect human fraility from the crushing vastness of space or the ocean, becoming the central theme. In that sense it’s hard to hear NZCA/LINES’ work as anything other than a brilliantly executed concept and, were it not for the production, Airlock could be lost in it’s own ingenuity. Luckily Lovett is always careful to contain his conceptual ramblings in a crunchy candy shell of poppy production and impossible-to-shake hooks. A brilliant first look at what he’s been working on all summer.

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