Babel & Bitchin’

There’s nothing worse than reading a good review of Mumford & Sons. Nothing. So here are some bad reviews to tide you over until the rest of the critical community break away from Mumford’s hypnotically shiny face and realise just how tedious this album is:

“Emo For Blacksmiths” – FLY

“To be able to look at a banjo without being overcome with a desire to use the neck end to beat its owner to death is a beautiful and underrated thing.” MUSIC OMH

“U2 in the hayloft” – The Arts Desk

“Overwrought & Underthought” – PMA

“A mild middle class maelstrom designed to get hands in the air at a festival” – The Scotsman

“The musical equivalent of shouting at foreigners and simpletons” – The Guardian

“A blend of some of the world’s most annoying archetypes, from the guy who starts playing the guitar at parties to the guy who dresses like a mixologist.” – Red Eye Chicago

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