NO CEREMONY /// the band who share our affinity for slanted punctuation, have closed a long period of absence with this hyper-relaxed new track. Swelling in and out of consciousness with every beat its a heavily sedated and staggeringly grooving monster.

2 thoughts on “NO CEREMONY /// – FEELSOSLOW

  1. She’s not in the band! They fired that singer (@IsobelHelen) for being EPILEPTIC. ….
    The new singer is much blander, makes all the music sound really mainstream, yawn. Fix this dude!

  2. Since when? Wait, what?
    Thats really disgusting. FABULOUS voice, dear god, this information has blown my mind. Someone get Natalie Curtis on the phone. This girl needs exposure.

    Apart from this weirdo mistake ShinyShinyNew, we love your blog!

    Eri & the Crew x

    ”my cool, your cool” {}

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