Wanderlings – ‘Brand Names Have Ruined My Vocab’

James: Waddddup!

S//S//N: Its Business Time / Time for questions.

James: Jeremy “S//S//N” Paxman. Sounds dreamy. Can’t wait for the maths section, that’s my forte…

S//S//N: Got to love a bit of JP. So what have you been up to since the Plague Me/Over The Falls motherload?

James: Well, we’ve been rehearsing a whole load, due to just getting a new drummer, which has been brilliant, as we’ve wrote a load of new stuffs with him that feels like a dead natural progression.

We’ve been filtering through demos as well and have somewhat settled on what is we think a pretty ace plan of what to release next, and then we’re heading to the studio in December. Unfortunately it’s not for a Christmas record, but I reckon its gonna be a muthafucking awesome debut EP…

S//S//N: Rad, is Denim Soaker one of those new ones?

James: Denim Soaker is not one of the newest batch actually, it’s been kinda an ongoing track over summer, which I’ve been just wanting to release at the right time…

Its a bit of a glimpse into our new soundsphere though, which is exciting we reckon.

S//S//N: Swell, swell, swell. Any idea of when we’ll start catching glimpses of the new batch/ have you pencilled in a release date/ will it be out in time for the Christmas list?

James: I think that particular EP will be one for Santa to smuggle into your house down his tight red trousers, but before that there will be some new tracks coming out, and a tape release that will be a collection of tracks that you may/may not have heard. Probably on a lucky dip basis too, so there will be some right suhweeet rarities on some of them…

S//S//N: Sounds promising, so a load of new stuff coming out on the recorded side/ how about live. Are you hitting the road?

James: Not yet got a tour planned per se, we are heading around a few cities in the next two months, so it should be Leeds, York, London, Manchester, but we’ll be aiming to add a few more to that list…Oh, and also, we’ll be playing Grimsby. Big time.

S//S//N: Grimsby. The undeniable home of modern music.

James: Innittttt.

S//S//N: It is. So, before we wrap it up, any other fun facts to share? Tales to tell? Sermons to preach?

James: Dolphins sleep with one eye open?

Cat’s urine glows under a black light?

Women’s hearts beat faster than men’s?

That’s my Google research outta the way!

Oh and there’s a picture of our keyboardist Josh taking a shit in a urinal somewhere on the VICE website, I think that’s probably my sermon for the day; look after your brains kids, or this could be you.

S//S//N: That is an image I was unfortunate enough to see. It stained my brain. And finally what about new music. Found any good stuff?

James: New music. Hmm, to be honest I’ve kind of been swimming a bit more in nineties stuff recently, but there are a couple of bands we’ve played with who we dig. Apart from that, I’ve been losing myself in a bit of Peaking Lights and a lot of remixes, I quite like repetitive stuff when I’ve got a lot of writing to do, it helps me concentrate on what I’m doing! I get distracted a bit too easily…

S//S//N: Who were the ones you played with?

James: Childhood, who are good. Also Kappa Gamma who we’re friends with, we like them. Then Omi Palone and Joey Fourr. A couple more for your confetti canon. Is it Cannon or canon… however its spelled. Brand names have ruined my vocab.

S//S//N: Haha that’s quite profound… Cheers for your time man and good luck with the Ep!

James: Pleasure bro. Cheers for your support.

In other news we’re giving away a sexy one off T-Shirt and some vinyl. Hit up our Facebook for deets.

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