Ninetails – Rawdon Fever / Slept & Did Not Sleep Ep [New Band of The Week]

Liverpool boys Ninetails have been slowly, and very methodically, building themselves a sound unlike anything else we’ve got in England right now. After dropping their first Ep, ‘Ghost ride The Whip’, they’ve been out on the road touring with some pretty big names and, in the cracks in between, producing the 5-point manifesto that is ‘Slept & Did Not Sleep’. The record, a 5 track follow up to ‘Ghost ride The Whip’, is a bewitchingly intricate collection in which vocals rise up out of interlaced guitar lines then sink back beneath the swell of clattering instrumentals and themes, of which there are many, cross-over so frequently that the whole thing feels more like a half hour mix than a collection of singles. Its set to drop on the 26th of November and should make a pretty big splash when it does.

You can stream the whole thing via the 405 now. The song we’ve featured, Rawdon Fever, just to give a vague taste of the record’s character, is probably the most conventional song on the collection.


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