Cymbals – Smaller The City / Empty Space [Huw Stephens Session]

Cymbals, one of my all time favorite bands, have had a bit of a makeover recently. In the best possible way. Bringing the house elements of their sound to the fore they’ve been making a whole host of new fans with latest single ‘Like An Animal’. Its not the only new thing they’ve been working on though. In fact, in a recent Radio-1 session the band gave us a taste of two new tracks from their, possibly, upcoming album, the first of which, titled Smaller The City, shows off everything the band do so brilliantly. Effortlessly charming and instantly endearing its pretty great. We’ll be posting the other new track soon too    : I’ve got round to uploading the rip of the live session sooner than I thought i would, this second new track’s called ‘Empty Space’. Its probably my favorite of the two newbies and will undoubtedly sound brilliant when its been given the full ‘Like An Animal’ tune-up in the studio.

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