Temples – Live Review [The Junction]

Photo Copyright of : Patrick Widdess

Temples, one of the most exiting new bands of late 2012, have barely been kicking about for two months and already the hype surrounding their perfectly coiffed heads is building to a fever pitch. Their immaculately groomed recordings had made us pretty curious, and slightly nervous, about how they would come across live so we headed down to the Junction earlier this week to find out. They were supporting veteran indie-boys Mystery Jets so I wasn’t expecting the venue to be as full as it was when they took to the stage at 8, obviously the hype NME bestowed upon them has been building up some interest amongst ‘the kids’ and when we arrived it all felt a bit teeny-bopper.

Our buds over at Three Beams had complained about the backing-track that accompanied the, at that point, three-piece at their much hyped September showcase. Obviously someone in their management had taken this on board and when they emerged onto the Junction stage, wrapped up in sequined tops and dangerously slim trousers , they were trailing a fourth member. Not having made it to the Oxford Circus show its pretty hard to say what difference this made but their was certainly no question of them sounding hollow. Launching straight into S//S//N favorite, The Golden Throne, they sounded, in part due to the deafeningly loud drums, like the second coming of Christ and their guitars, which on record are effortlessly precise, sounded like they’d been ambushed by a reverb wielding Mark Bolan. Their setlist, although dominated by tracks we’ve already featured, did have a few nice surprises including one of the most sexually intimidating guitar-solos I’ve ever heard and an absolutely brilliant new tune called, if my beer stained notes are even slightly accurate, ‘Diamond of My Eye’.

We’ve thrown a lot of love Temples way over the last few months so it was relief to find that they can bring the gold live as well as on record. They’re part of our ‘Class of 13’ gang so expect to hear a lot more over the coming month and also, if we’re lucky, the recorded version of the new track.


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