Childhood – ‘Palma Violets Gave us Lines of Genuine Crystallized Panther Blood’


S//S//N: Hey Leo, so what have you lot been up to since we last talked?

Leo: Well, we’ve finished uni now so all of our energy is being focused on music, which is a great feeling. It actually almost feels like a job…

S//S//N: Nice, so is that why we’ve just seen the ‘proper’ release of Blue Velvet?

Leo: Well yeah, it was always our plan to release Blue Velvet as a single but we had a series of pitfalls that kept delaying us. We love the song and its still a live favorite of ours so we thought, fuck the fact we wrote it so long ago, this babies gotta get pressed to vinyl. The new recording represents how we sound as a live band today (I hope) and it was the first time we’ve recorded with our full lineup as it is today. I think the production of the song bridges the gap between how we used to sound, how we sound now and how we’re writing now, so it works as the perfect introduction to the band.

S//S//N: Its got some pretty big attention from places like pitchfork etc, have you now had more Artist representation/label types circling?

Leo: We were stoked with the Pitchfork backing and are really happy with the press online and off we have been getting. It seems like people are actually taking notice now. I think we are on the radar properly now so hopefully something good will happen soon so we can all move out of our marges yards.

S//S//N: How did the collaboration with House Anxiety (Their Label) come about?

Leo: House Anxiety actually approached us in the last second, and they couldn’t have been better to us. We were able to make the music video and afford to get everyone drunk and bubbly, and it has helped us getting radio plays which is lovely. They’re a great label and I expect we will be working with them again soon…

S//S//N: So does that mean you have some new material on the horizon?

Leo: Well we’ve just come off a 6 weeks tour so haven’t been able to write for a while, but we’ve got some naughty tunes up our sleeves, got the B side to our next single down already, and currently writing the big pop hit which will be the A side. I’m looking forward to getting back to writing with Ben over the next few weeks.

S//S//N: Cool, so how was the tour? And when can we expect this ‘naughty pop hit’ to drop?

Leo: The tour was amazing. Palma Violets are completely mad and taught us a lot about performance. It was like an old punk tour in that we played some very surreal cities, and so many in such a short amount of time, but it was an amazing first tour for us. We’ve never been busier or happier and it’s done wonders for our live performance. The 2:54 tour was a lot less crazy but they’re super nice and sexy guys and we had a lot of fun with them. I have a serious case of the post tour blues at the moment.

Our naughty pop hit should be with you early next year, we don’t wanna make people wait!

S//S//N: Nice, got some generic interview fillers to round this thing off…

-Any new bands you lot want to hype?

-Fun facts?

-Juicy gossip?

-Big announcements?

Leo: haha ok lemme work my way through these. I’ve hardly been listening to any new bands recently but gotta hype my baby boy Only Real who will finally be hitting the live circuit in December, which I’m very excited about, and I’ve had the new Mac DeMarco record on repeat, the guys a genius.

S//S//N: We’re massive fans of Only Real, how do you guys know each other?

Leo: So, we met when we were 11 at a funfair, he bought me candy floss and I knew the guy was something special. We skateboarded together for years, perfecting our kickflips and chasing girls. We’re essentially the same people now, but it’s nice that we are both trying to become rock stars. Some Juicy gossip: Our singer got himself banned for life from ASDA, a week ago in Brighton, when he laid wreck to the pastry aisle.

And a fun fact… Chilli from Palma Violets gave us lines of genuine crystallized panther blood to snort before going onstage each night, which has made us all really ill

S//S//N: Holy shit, better hope you don’t get panther syphilis.

Leo: I think it’s too late for that now…

S//S//N: Haha right… cheers for all your time.

Leo: No worries bru. Oh yeah one more thing. I’ve been having a lot of heavily apocalyptic dreams recently set in deserts and wastelands, and I’m gunna use these as fuel to write new songs, but also they have fully prepared me for the impending 2012 apocalypse… Oh and our single launch is on Monday the 19th, the day the vinyl comes out and we are throwing a party at the Seabright arms which is gunna be off the hooooooook!

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