Wolf Alice – Live Review 22/11/12

Wolf Alice, who’ve been sitting pretty on our radar for a few months now, have been swanning off around the country in support of Peace. We caught up with them in a surprisingly clean pub back-room on the wrong side of the river in Cambridge. The venue, which was flanked by an all night offy and a kebab shop, smelt strangely clean and the beers were served in proper glass glasses. It was all a bit different from your standard Shoreditch shit-hole and Wolf Alice, apparently sensing the car-freshener newness of the place, were on best behavior, powering their way through a surprisingly long set. The crowd, who were an odd mix of students, middle-class musos and middle-aged mod rockers had obviously come for Peace and were slightly chatty throughout the start of Wolf Alice’s set. By the time they had got around to new single ‘Leaving You’, which sounded even fuller live than it does on soundcloud, most of the crowd had quietened down and by the time their last few songs came around, especially during my new favorite ‘fluffy’ (which we’ll hopefully be getting a recording of sometime soon ) everyone was in thrall to Ellie Rowsell’s dark croon.

They’ve been getting hype from NME and all across the web and hopefully, considering the length of their set, we’ll be getting a few new singles soon. Prepare to hear a lot more about this little crew… Also try and excuse the lack of photography. My canon died on me on the way over.




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