Jaws – Class of “13 Spotlight


If any city should look back on 2012 with a sense of smug superiority its Birmingham. Home to most of the year’s biggest break out bands (peace and Swim Deep) and the breeding ground for endless new talent its fast becoming one of the most vibrant scenes in the world. The latest boy-wonders to emerge from B-town’s potent loins are JAWS. Named after the Bond character (rather than the fuck-off-massive shark) they first hit our radar with the glistening, sun-cream slick beach pop vibes of debut single Toucan Surf.

Any vague concerns about them being A&R hyped one hit wonders was crushed by front man Conner’s endless ability to experiment with the stilted, and by now hugely overdone, slacker-rock genre as best proved by latest single Surround You, a genre bending manifesto from a group of kids fast transforming into one of Britain’s most talented bands.

Follow If: Slacker rock with a nice pop sheen and experimental tendencies appeals.

Ignore If: You’re not ready to worship at the altar of Pip (Conner’s cat)

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