[Next Hype] – Superfood


Who: Previously known as ‘Baby 100’ then ‘Junnk’ before recently settling on Superfood. There’s not much info out yet but they’re managed by Peace’s enablers Deadly People, Harrison Koisser (the Peace front man) has ‘such a band-crush’ on them and Jaws front man Conner ‘frickin loves’ them.

Where: B-town

Why We Care: Their first material is dropping in a few weeks, they’re picking up breathless reviews from usually restrained critics and the Birmingham twitter clique have been having a frenzy since their show with Peace on the 22nd.

Look out for: Our upcoming interview.

More: @superfoodjunk

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5 thoughts on “[Next Hype] – Superfood

  1. the female bass player was a babe but totally rubbish when I’ve seen them at Birthdays in November this year. She’s got a lot of practising to do.

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