[Album Stream] Hello Ocho – Hello Ocho


Hello Ocho are a band who, had they had the fortune of growing up in the same town as Peace and Jaws, would be on the receiving end of two page NME spreads by now. Instead the boys hail from Atlanta. Not that this has stopped them from producing some absolutely brilliant music. ‘Sticking To The Sheets’ was one of the highlights of winter 2012 and this album, which has taken shape remarkably quickly, has somehow managed to leap graceful over the bar set by that song.

At once experimental and reassuringly melodic its a sweet sounding clamor that swells in and out of psychedelic breakdowns and shamanistic chants with barely a stumble. The first four songs (all of which compete for the title of best track) set things off at a casual saunter that rarely lets up. Not every track is as perfect as these first four and the electronic spasms of MC Hammermill’s Greatest Hits -despite the wonderful name- feel slightly forced. Still, the fact that thisĀ  crowd-funded (Kickstarter) debut sounds better than most of 2012’s big label releases says a lot about the caliber of the band who made it. Eclectic and playful Hello Ocho shouldn’t be overlooked in 2013.

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