Temples – Class of “13 Spotlight

Who: Thomas Edison Warmsley and James Edward Bagshaw. Warmsley used to play in Bradley Wiggins’ favorite Mod-Rockers ‘The Moons’ and had a brief stint editing a Myspace era fanzine. Bagshaw also played with the Moons, dabbled in Film/Tv composition and also had an interesting Myspace centered youth before joining Temples. His solo profile is still up and you can hear his old ukelele featuring tracks. And read some choice quotes. “Labels are gay” is one he might want to redact.

Top Tips: For any of you contemplating a New Year change in style Warmsley has your back with this top guide he wrote in 2005…For that authentic Temples look [Don’t try this at home kids]:

What you need to do is go to your local chemist and pick up some Jerome Russel B blonde (high lift) Powder Bleach and some 40%Vol Cream Peroxide of the same brand.You will also need some plastic gloves and an application brush.Mix up bleach and peroxide to a nice whipped cream texture and get your best mate to apply it to your head starting,at the roots and working in layers so you get a nice even result.once you have covered all hair find a plastic shopping bag and place over the said area to help heat up the bleach and get that hair cooking!

You should feel some pain as it starts to burn your scalp,this means its working.leave on for about half to 3 quarters of an hour,but get your mate to check how its doing!

the last thing you want is that in between orange affect,,so leave on for as long as possible.But also be careful not to leave on for to long as that could result in you becoming bald,if it feels like its getting to hot under that plastic bag, immediately rinse the bleach out.

Once you have washed the bleach out apply some conditioner to your hair and leave in for a couple of hours.And remember if it all goes horribly wrong its not my fault ! !

Where: Kettering, home to Britain’s second oldest theme park and this lot.

Why We Care: They sound phenomenal, their haircuts are soul-affirming and they should be releasing an album in the New Year.

More: Facebook // [4×6] // Introducing // Live Review


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