From Tween Pop Failures to Hipster Favourites – Haim’s Bizzare History

Who: Danielle, Este and Alana Haim. The winners of the BBC’s Sound of “13 poll.

Where: LA

Bio: Although they only gained mass attention following last year’s taste maker SXSW festival the Haim sisters have been dabbling in music for longer than they might want to admit. As their press-release mentions, all three sisters performed with their parents in a cutesy family band called ‘Rockinhaim’ as children. What’s less widely publicised is that Danielle and Este -“the most outgoing and boy crazy member of the band”- performed with the ill fated, and Raquel Houghton fronted, tween girl-group Valli Girls  in the mid 2000’s ( on the Columbia Records label). This was not a career highlight. The Press Release is worth a read…

Why We Care: Its hard not to love the sister’s recent material. Probably the most talented sibling act since the Jackson 5 they dropped some absolutely brilliant tracks last year including insta-classic ‘Forever’. They’re also doing pretty well commercially. They can be heard all over Radio One and look like they might even make a dent on the top 10. Most importantly of all they fuse classic rock and R&B without ruining either.


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