Foxygen – No Destruction

There’s an unmistakable, and rapidly growing, sense of excitement surrounding Foxygen. Its as if people have started to think, really believe, that this American duo could actually be that oft promised thing. The saviors of guitar music. Obviously as soon as they get branded that they’ll become, almost imperceptibly, awful. Guitar music is not a fucking snow-leapord. Its not down to the last two mating pairs in the wild. In fact a decent bout of extinction might be exactly what guitar music needs. A string of rowdy British bands doing weak impressions of an already weak band (The Vaccines) is not what guitar music needs and, thankfully, -for now at least- Foxygen haven’t tried to sidle their way into the lo-fi fray that seems to be consuming promising young groups like Palma Violets.

Regardless of what they get labelled as over the next few months Foxygen shouldn’t forget one thing. That they’re a great band because they’re an anomaly. Not despite it.

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