The History of Apple Pie – See You

The history of apple pie

The History of Apple Pie have been floating about for far too long to have never released a Lp. They’ve literally been on our (vague) ones to watch list for years. Its almost as if the transient and fleeting attention span of a music journalist means nothing, nothing to them. How can I be realistically expected to remember who anyone is for more than about a year. Its not fair. They’re taking the piss and we don’t like it.

What we do like is their new song. Sweet, crumbly and wholesome its the sort of rock music that was made to soundtrack your -imaginary- first dance at your -imaginary- first prom. Sadly if you are of the age to go to a prom, and haven’t yet realised how awful a prom is, you’re more likely to be having that elusive first dance to what ever piece of god-awful musical twattery your local DJ’s dug out of his disco-bin.

 Live Dates:
28 Jan – Rough Trade East In-Store, London
31 Jan – The Basement, York
01 Feb – Inside Out, Darlington
02 Feb – Victoria Inn, Derby
03 Feb – Banquet Records In-Store, Kingston
04 Feb – Soup Kitchen, Manchester
05 Feb – Art School, Glasgow
06 Feb – Dog & Parrot, Newcastle
07 Feb – The Compass, Chester
08 Feb – The Cockpit, Leeds
09 Feb – West End Centre, Aldershot
11 Feb – Bodega, Nottingham
12 Feb – Undertone, Cardiff
13 Feb – Joiners, Southampton
14 Feb – Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
15 Feb – Green Door Store, Brighton
16 Feb – 60 Million Postcards, Bournemouth
17 Feb – Thekla, Bristol
19 Feb – Old Blue Last, London
20 Mar – Point Ephemere, Paris
21 Mar – Fuzz’Yon, La Roche-Sur-Yon

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