BRNS – [New Band of The Week]


Who: Tim “Clijsters” Philippe // Antoine Meersseman // Diego Leyder // César Laloux

Where: Brussels (Belgium)

Why We Care: With Alt-J picking up new plaudits every day -they’ve just been nominated for 3 Brit awards- there’s a temptation to assume that following these lone trailblazers A&R types will be tripping over each other in a rush to find the next anachronistic hit factory. The truth is though that Alt-J were never lone trailblazers. There’s always been a ripe vein of experimental pop music running deep beneath the churning mass of whatever trend’s on trend. BRNS have been part of this vein since they formed back in 2010. They released their debut album Wounded 9 month ago and slowly -largely by word of mouth- they’re picking up traction. They’re still completely unknown in England so we though it would only be fair if we did the introductions. Impossible to define and oozing a raw joy they’re a phenomenal talent.

Listen: “Mexico”

More: Facebook // Twitter


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