Pyyramids – Don’t Go


With 2013 ticking along nicely and 2012 a sun-stiffened corpse in the rear-view we’ve been let in something of a purgatory. All the old bands we kept in our back pocket and wheeled out to impress girls at parties have got big. So we’ve been shuffling along pretty clueless about which of 2013’s freshly born acts have staying power, trying out new sounds and wondering if the dub-step bros had it right after all.

Pyyramids are a band we came across on one of our, worrying regular, trawls of Soundcloud. A member of Ok Go and a girl from a group we’ve never heard of making scuttling pop grooves all jacked up on 80’s post punk grunginess. If you squint a little they could be Aluna George and the double y has definite pulling power. “It’s Pyramids. The second y is silent”.


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