Everything Everything – Live Review


Draped in military jackets, sporting severe Teutonic haircuts and stalking the stage with intense post Freudian intent you might have –had you unwittingly wandered into ‘The Junction’ looking for neighbouring bar Nousha’s toilets this Monday – been forgiven for exiting rather quickly. Despite the critical acclaim that surrounds their Sophomore Lp ‘Arc’ Everything Everything’s front man Jonathon Higgs doesn’t look especially chuffed tonight. Aside from the dopey grins they flash when thanking the crowd for selling out the venue Everything Everything’s live show is an intense affair. Their tracks, finely tooled on record, snap unfurled with a tight, pitch perfect accuracy and, despite the stalking and occasional drum bashing, Higgs looks frighteningly composed as his clenched fists orbit.

If passion is the most valued facet of live performances Everything Everything have flopped. Passion, with its connotations of Glee-club ‘at least you tried’ looseness, is not what Everything Everything do. Live, their chart bothering Album ‘Arc’ sounds exactly like it does heard on record. Louder, admittedly, and infinitely more intense but musically everything is there. They’ve developed a Germanic work ethic to match their haircuts and it’s very hard to fault. They’ve been holed up in the studio crafting this album for too long to throw the songs away in favor of rambling solos and conceited stage antics. Meticulous delivery is what these complicated tracks need and meticulous is what they’ll get.

On paper this might sound dull but on stage its enthralling. If its moshing you’re in search of there’s still plenty of that. But what they really excel at isn’t making college kids spasm –though they can do that- its writing, and performing dazzlingly intricate pop and tonight, that’s what they deliver.

Everything Everything are currently on tour. Check dates etc HERE.

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