Fatal Jamz – Another Crystal Morning / Trudy


Fatal Jamz are slackers in a very American, and very full on, way. They’re not slackers in the British sense, where long hair, a fondness for weed and the odd tie-die t-shirt guarantees you endless comparisons to Wavves. They’re more like Dom. Vaguely a-sexual, sporting thick beards that position them squarely in the “should probably think about getting a job” age bracket and with cheeks that have either been hollowed out through decades of surviving on noodles and cold tacos or some questionable chemical consumption. And they’ve crafted some really great songs. Full of searing, sun-drenched guitar and weird half-falsetto vocals that dive deep into your conscience, they’ve nailed the balance between odd-ball and smash-hit. We’re expecting big things.

One thought on “Fatal Jamz – Another Crystal Morning / Trudy

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