[Next Hype] The Magic Gang – Bruises

Who: The Magic Gang

Where: London (Maybe)

Why We Care: We were introduced to this new project by the boys in YRRS who were both, in various ways, involved with the recording of the song. Its an instantly endearing and amazingly accomplished track, especially for something recorded by a group of friends without label backing or any social media presence -try googling them- and one that makes them immediately very interesting. What makes them even more interesting is the sound they’ve opted for. Melding the woozy psychedelia of Gross Magic and the plodding guitars of Tribes they’ve produced a seamless blend of post-psychedelic riffs and Brit-pop sensibilities without sounding contrived or overwrought.

More: Facebook // Free Download

9 thoughts on “[Next Hype] The Magic Gang – Bruises

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