Fresh Faced – Jan/Feb 2013


Where: Brighton

Founded: August 2010

What: Melodic doom pop

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Where: Sheffield

Founded: July 2011

What: Lugubrious shoe gaze

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Casual Sex

Where: Glasgow

Founded: July 2011

What: Sleazy, angular guitar music

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Fun Ethereal

Where: Isle of Wight

Founded: January 2012

What: Ethereal/hazy surf-rock

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Wild Smiles

Where: Winchester

Founded: August 2012

What: Raucous surf pop

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Beaty Heart

Where: Peckham

Founded: November 2009

What: Rhythmic psych pop

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The Magic Gang

Where: London

Founded: February 2013

What: Psych-pop

More: N/A


Where: London

Founded: January 2012

What: Joyous guitar pop

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Where: London

Founded: January 2013

What: Psychedelic smash hits

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Cougar Springs

Where: N/A

Founded: November 2012

What: Psych influenced guitar ballads

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For more buzz worthy new bands check out our Class of “13 Feature at the foot of the site.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Faced – Jan/Feb 2013

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