Fair Ohs – Ya Mustapha

The delightfully tropical, and somewhat savage, London band Fair Ohs are back with some new material. Its the first single off their upcoming Jungle Cats Lp [May 28th]. A slow evolution of schizophrenic guitars and tribal rhythms its guitar music somehow unhinged from the conventions of British pop. There’s a seam of post-punk somewhere deep inside Ya Mustapha’s visceral grittiness but, with their eclectic world influences, they can hardly be defined by that. They’re irregular and somewhat unhinged but -in our culture of identikit surf rock- that’s exactly what’s needed.


One thought on “Fair Ohs – Ya Mustapha

  1. Yee-harr savage and tropical! def influenced by the eclectic world, in a kula shaker kind of way but thankfully without the swastika stuff.. steamy brown post-punk somewhereness going on. yo!

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