B-town Digs Deep, Introducing ‘Caves’ Birmingham’s Freshest Faces:


So, technically speaking we’ve featured these B-town kids before but, it was so long ago, that we couldn’t remember who they were/what they did or if we actually liked them. In the interest of clarity we thought we’d start things up again with a new introducing feature.

They’re friends with Jaws, play dark, scuzzy surf-pop and have released relatively little considering how long they’ve been going and the style of music they play. Its a casual form of shoe gazing slacker pop which, at times, sounds almost half baked. It would be wrong however to write them off as stoners or lazy college kids with minimal talent looking to ride the Peace powered B-town wave.

They might be lazy, stoners or a combination of the two but, crucially, they’re not smug little shits pouting about in Urban Outfitter slacks. Its what we like so much about Conner (from Jaws) -from what we know of him from our brief interviews and occasional correspondence. He, like these kids, seems pretty indifferent to the hype. He’d be just as happy sat at home writing the occasional track and watching his cat as he is being feted as the new king of B-town. There’s nothing wrong with being successful or hyped but, when being successful or hyped is all you have going for you, we’re probably not going to take much notice. (More after Song…)

Similarly, and more relevant in this case, there’s nothing inherently wrong with playing or producing a style of music that’s on trend so long as the only reason you play it isn’t because it’s on trend. It’s always worth remembering that Lo-fi slacker rock is pretty much what you expect to get when you combine some teenage kids, cheap equipment and home-reocrding. If you were expecting ‘Pet Sounds’ to plop out of their adolescent skulls fully formed you’re probably going to be disappointed.

It would be wrong to write off Caves as just another bunch of B-town kids trying to score a record deal and the odd trip to London by emulating Swim Deep. There’s more to ‘Caves’ little arsenal of tunes than the cynical critic might allow and, with B-town looming large this year, they have the perfect stage to prove it.

More: Facebook // Soundcloud

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