[Introducing] ‘Vision Fortune’ / Download Upcoming Single XIV


2012 was a bad year for drones. Mention ‘drone’ back in 2010 and the first thing that sprung to mind was mosquitoes. Mention it now and the first, horrifying, image that springs to mind is the tribal regions of Pakistan being slowly turned into a glass crater by Obama’s little fleet of mechanical reapers. ‘Vision Fortune’, the latest signing to Faux Discs / Gringo Records are doing their bit to reclaim the word with the brilliantly ominous ‘XIV’. Taken off their upcoming ‘Mas Fiestas Con El Grupo Vision Fortune’ Lp, its a driving and, unsurprisingly considering the gist of the last 100 words, droning slice of angsty guitar music.

Its pulsing beat is an unrelenting march towards some dark dystopian vision. It doesn’t make for a comfortable listen in the same way Swim Deep make for a comfortable listen. Its probably not what you want to switch on if you’ve just got back from the office but, when you’re living in a society that’s too busy buying latte’s to worry about the extra-judicial killing done in its name in some far-away desert, a little bit of dystopian drone-rock might be exactly what’s needed.

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