[Introducing] Cosmo Sheldrake: Intricate Post-folk


Who: Cosmo Sheldrake

Where: London (Via Brighton)

Why We Care: He might look a bit like a banjo-bothering folk revivalist -in fact the above photo is the least “folksy” one we could find- but, after a brief spin of his tracks, it becomes clear that Sheldrake is not some back-country cousin of Marcus Mumford. In fact he’s about as far removed from Mumford & Co as a Barbour sporting ‘Cosmo’ can get. Using looped vocals and a plethora of bizarre instruments Sheldrake creates brilliantly intricate slices of rhythm. It’s what Clams Casino would be making if he’d never encountered a computer. Como is rooted in the folk tradition -he does own and play a banjo- but has managed to avoid falling into the horrifying deep sink-hole of shit Mumford & Sons have dug with their Mandolins. 

More: Facebook // Soundcloud

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