[Introducing] Breathe Out: Ecstatic pop thrash-outs


Who: Alex Clegg, James Goodhead, Nick Shaw and Stuart Dando

Where: East London

Why We Care: Although their recent Ep, ‘Absolute True Love’, is a little hit and miss, when it hits, which is does most notably on opening track ‘Dead Friends,” its absolutely thrilling. A buzzing mix of savage, distorted thrash-outs and perfectly melodic choruses ‘Dead Friends’ is pop with torn jeans and a serious hangover. While ‘Just Like Old Times’, the second track, falls a bit flat there are plenty of other great moments on the record. ‘True Romance’, the closer, is a skillful blend of lo-fi sensibilities and art school melodies and ‘Tex’, the half-way point, is a ridiculously frantic pop thrash-out. While the record could defiantly have been shortened by a track or two it has enough moments of pure, brutal ecstasy to warrant repeated listens. ‘Breath Out’ might not be be big but they are clever and, most importantly, willing to experiment.

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7 thoughts on “[Introducing] Breathe Out: Ecstatic pop thrash-outs

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