Tyler, The Creator – Answer (Wolf Stream)


The comment that made me listen to Tyler the Creator for the first time, somewhat unexpectedly, was one made by some tired middle-aged commentator in The Times. His music, this aging sub-editor quipped, may have been offensive but at least it was shocking. Generations are supposed to be divided by an unassailable culture gap but now, with beige pop-rock all the rage, more and more people who should, by right, have faded into the outer-reaches of cultural obscurity and radio-4 fruitlessness, share tastes with their kids, their kids friends and, more horrifyingly, their grandchildren.

These Mumford & Sons mums don’t listen to OFWGKTA which is why, our decrepit newspaper man wrote, he was willing to give them a try. Its a bit of a bizarre reason to listen to Odd Future but, in an odd way, it explains why, despite the alleged homophobia (a topic he frequent addresses and convincingly denies) and deliberately prickly tracks, Tyler has become such a prominent figure in the modern musical pantheon. He has a new Lp coming out and, following a string of singles, he’s finally dropped its star studded soundcloud stream.

Alongside the usual odes to ultraviolence there are one or two tracks, this one notably, that borrow his collaborator Frank Ocean’s laid-back confessional style and provide a welcome respite from the exhausting, if occasionally thrilling, intensity of the remaining tracklist. Give it a spin and stream the rest of ‘Wolf’ below:

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