Fresh Faced [Vol. 2]


With the sheer quantity of new music we post every month its inevitable that we forget, overlook or forget to check back on bands we dig as the year progresses. To make that harder to do, every month we’ll be curating a ‘Fresh Faced’ feature, in which we post a playlist of tracks from all the new artists we’ve featured. Last month we kept it tight with 10 British bands. This month we’re spreading it out with a monster playlist of the best new acts from home and abroad. From Lush Brooklynite Post-punk (Visuals) to gritty B-town bashing blues (Burning Beaches) we have you covered. Give it a stream above and click through below to find out more about each of the artists featured:

Burning Beaches – Wo’man

Breathe Out – Dead Friends

Men’s Adventures – B.B. Vulture

Cosmo Sheldrake – Rich

I’lls – Plans Only Drawn

Surf Club – Swoon

Visuals – Goodbye

Beach Skulls – Meet Me At The Beach House

Laced – Jade Vine

Outlaw Boogie – Play Misty For Me

Vision Fortune – XIV

Young Rival – Two Reasons

Honeyblood – Super Rat

Caves – Sleep

Something – Lo;Behold

Skinny Dream – Crush

Ski Lodge – Just to Be Like You

Echopark – Teleportation

Hands – Trouble

Spring King – Waiting

Holobody – Ninnyhammer

Soulmates Never Die – The Poor Bastard

School Knights – Sacred Cows

So that was what was new in March. We’re nearing A New Band A Day Territory here and with spring always bringing a fresh blast of new vibes expect April to be a big one. If you’re feeling helpful give our poll below a click:

If you don’t like the name please could you write a brief explanation as to why in the “other” box-

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