[Introducing] Surf Club – Woozy Californian Vibes


Who: Surf Club

Where: California

Why We Care: Sometimes comparisons are inevitable. For California four-piece surf-club the obvious one to make, and the one that has been made fairly frequently, is to The Drums. While their fuzzy surf-rock melancholy and arty poise is reminiscent of that gang their back catalogue (8 songs and counting) has enough that’s novel to warrant a further listen. for example ‘Swoon,’ their latest track, combines frantic drum-machine breaks with woozy guitars to create something that is both steeped in nostalgia and quietly innovative. Theirs is not the sound of a brave new world but it is one that, with the sun slowly finding its footing after 4 weeks of dreary skies, should find a place in your playlists.

More: Facebook // Soundcloud

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