[Introducing] Weirds: Scuffed Up Neo-Psych Snarlers


Who: Weirds

Where: Nottingham (Possibly)

Why We Care: If neo-psych is going to be a thing this summer (and with Temples and Foxygen proclaiming themselves disciples it probably will be) it stands to reason that the genre should actually mean something. Nottingham’s newest ‘Wierds’ don’t seem to think so though and, despite a liberal splashing about of the term in their pr, their debut track ‘Crocodile’ has little in common with Temples intricately constructed psychedelia or Foxygen’s tongue in cheek nostalgia. ‘

Weirds’ are then a different school of Neo-psych altogether, a fresh frontier for an already vague gaggle of bands huddled under a ridiculous umbrella. If they bear comparison to anyone, and they do, its Hookworms, whose recent Lp prompted a flurry of plaudits for its single-minded abstraction of guitar-rock cliches. However, as their droning guitars break into a sudden gallop in the final third of the track its clear that this foursome are innovators not emulators and, with a debut Ep pencilled in for release in the upcoming months, we’re looking forward to hearing more.

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