[Introducing] Jed Nayef: One for the Freaks


Who: Jed Nayef

Where: New York

Why We Care: He sounds like a sleazier Nzca/Lines and his debut track, ‘Freaks’, is one of the most perfect electro-confesionals we’ve heard this year. We could, if it weren’t for some misplaced sense of duty, probably stop there. We won’t though. We’ll dutifully continue and impose upon you some more vague nonsense about how he sounds, namedrop some artists you’ve never heard of and pretend to like Kraftwerk. After that we’ll rattle our sabres at big labels, sum up with something erudite that bring us nicely back to the beginning and make some vague assertion about ‘our radar.’ Then we’ll go back to surfing the Daily Mail’s sidebar of shame.

More: Facebook // He’s also making he European debut at MIDI so, if you’re there, be sure to check him out.

2 thoughts on “[Introducing] Jed Nayef: One for the Freaks

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