[Introducing] Wide Eyed – Charting The Sad Trajectory of B-Town’s B-Team


Who: Wide Eyed

Where: Birmingham

Why We Care: The B-town bandwagon has ceased to be a bandwagon. Its now a train. An inescapable, runaway train hellbent on squishing ever other cultural outpost into a tiny, sobbing wretch begging for just a lick, no a taste, of its logic defying rise. The problem is there are now so many band hitching themselves to the phenomenon that when a new group trundles along they immediately welcome comparisons to the cultural colossi that are Peace, Swim Deep and -and our new favorites- Superfood.  Tragically this means that any new bands like Wide Eyed, who while good don’t have the immediate, ‘radio-1 resonance’ of their colleagues, are destined to a life of what-ifs and if-onlys and inclusions in lists like “the best B-Town bands you’ve never heard of” or “B-town 2.0.” Which is about as tragic as it gets.

Update: This probably comes across as more of an assassination than it had to. Wide Eyed aren’t bad, we wouldn’t introduce them if they were, we’re just concerned that, with the cascade of new band’s from Birmingham, they’ll find themselves casualties, not beneficiaries, of the hype…

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