[Album Stream] Outer Limit Recordings – Singles, Demos and Rarities


Today wasn’t meant to be a day of Lp streams but, to kick the week off it seems apt to cleanse the palate with a few hours  of vaguely inaccessible lo-fi pop. This second release comes courtesy of Test Icicles third member Sam Mehran who, after the band dissolved, disappeared into obscurity seemingly destined to be the subject of questionable jokes and ‘The lost Test Icicle’ documentaries. As it turns out Mehran wasn’t lost, dead or, as some particularly cruel cynics commented, working in a coffee shop. Far from it. Instead Mehran was producing a huge collection of lo-fi guitar-pop oddities under a variety of aliases all linked by one common factor, his label ‘Outer Limit Recordings’.

Now, for the first time, the music he produced in the 4 years following the band’s break-up will be available in one coherent collection which, conveniently, you can stream above. He’s dubbed his sound ‘hypnagogic’ and, perhaps because his psychedelic murmurings have made us sleepy, we’re pretty content with the categorisation.


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